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~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 6 ♥♥~~(Part 1)

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 Day 6 Itinerary - Cing Jing Farm
The day woke up super early at 6am, we traveling to CingJing Farm from Taipei city 
It take about 4 hrs + to reach Cing Jing, 6.45am start journey reach there about 11am +
We booked a bus ticket with local Cing Jing tourist bus 台灣觀光巴士台北清境旅遊專車
For ticket booking log in to : or
eGo bus -  serves the link between Taipei and Cing Jing without the hassle of transfers
You may go for day trip they selling return bus ticket go there in morning and return back to Taipei about 2-3pm 
Ticket info:- 
Weekday :-
- one way NT 750 
- Return NT 1200
Public Holiday, Sat & Sun 
- One way NT 850
- Return NT 1400

We planed to stay overnight there to enjoy the fresh air and cold weather 
For more info about Cing Jing farm

The bus we hop on and 6:45am at  Taipei Railway Station East three Gate waiting
front of Taipei main station East 3 Gate

Half way stop , we bought this famous lollipop! 
so tasty i like it.. regret we just bought 1 pack!

The beautiful scene while we on the way

The hotel

Finally we reached... after a long journey at 4 hrs +

We check in our hotel and go to take our brunch at 紙箱王(Carton King )

Special one...All decoration using Carton like chair, cup, table...etc
  but nowadays must save earth.. still using this concept @@
But creative 

I just want to show ur i can't finish it!!!

Honey Museum

Will continue next post when we at Green Green Grassland
We are going back to i poh.. XOXO


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