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~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 6 ♥♥~~(Part 2)

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Let's continue part 2 of Day 6
After lunch at Carton King we check in to hotel
Around Cing Jing there have a lot of  B&B homestay and hotel
We stay in to -->Misty Villa 雲濛仙境 (清境民宿)
The room huge, nice and a beautiful view! 

About 2pm we hop on to shuttle bus head to Green green glassland , take about 10min to reach from our B&B and 2.30pm sheep shearing show
Cing Jing most popular place in this wide grassy plain , blue skies, verdant mountains,  fresh & Cool  air and enjoying sheep shearing show! How wonderful and relaxing!
The best place!
Ride a bus take about 4 hours journey from Taipei to Cing Jing Farm that worth it! =)
There are nothing much but we can spend about 2 hours + there and when we return back to B & B about 6:20pm - is time to dinner 
B&B included of dinner.. will share out more in part 3

Let's go through below photo ^^

Misty Villa 
Such a huge room - There are no air cond in room due to weather in Cing Jing mild all around year. In the months from May to September the temperatures averages between 15℃ and 23℃

Classic European Bathtub
While walking to bus stop saw this lavender

*Monday there are no shuttle bus service to Green green glassland
After 10min we reach the main entrance and buy ticket to go in.. forgotten how much per pax
Main Entrance ^^

The herds of sheep
So excited ...
Sheep shearing show

The sheep shearers from New Zealand

You may ride horse if you like it , i think about TWD 100

The baby sheep is so cute..


While we waiting for bus.. about 1 hrs... argghhh.. 
crazy pose come out...


View of Paradise

Part 3 coming soon..
Stay tuned! 

Feel headache & exhausted =(
Better rest early... 
Good night world.. 


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