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~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 6 ♥♥~~(Part 3)

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, July 16, 2011
To continue part 3 of day 6
Wait about an hours the last trip of shuttle bus finally here, and we drop off at bus stop and we walked back to Misty Villa..
See the beautiful panorama,  actually there a place to view sunset, but we didn't walk to there.. due to rushing back to have our dinner..

The environment at the restaurant
Deco with little sheep
 Snowing at Cing Jing but already few year back... from Cing Jing can go up to Hehuan Mountain, according to the owner there would snow in winter session

 Media interview us when we having dinner..
How nice is this B & B ?
How is the food? 

2 people eat but they prepare dish can for 4 ppls to eat..
Taste not bad, different taste from malaysian cooking

After dinner we go and take bath and dress up plan to go little swiss garden 

8:30pm there have a musical water show but too bad it is under maintenance 
I'm regret why we didn't go in in noon or evening time... at night can't see the flower liao...
I believe day and night time the feel is different 
The view of Cing Jing Farm is very similar to Northern  Europe and its has been called 'Taiwan's Little Switzerland'

Night view
In Little Swiss Garden

under the windmills all is flower around
Cinderella with pumpkin carriage :D

Walk around and snap shoot
At night most of shop close at 9pm besides 7 - 11

TAKOR - Taste good

The Lavender Cottage shop

All shop closed , is time to walk back to B & B and take a rest and enjoy red wind
I like this place so much! relaxing and enjoyed
Next day we will go to Sun Moon Lake
Stay tuned for next post
Have a pleasant weekend! ^^


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