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All about her the little one!

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Belle - 8 day old 29.04.12

Photo taken at night before she go to dreamland =)
Daddy bought her a green color swaddle
Help her to clean up and change and wrap her with swaddle but i feel she will too hot! May be not, i do not know.. 
My mom feed her milk before she sleep :)
She can't wait when she craving of milk, she can cry very loud if you let her hungry!

 Belle - 9 day old 30.04.12
On that day i went to hospital checkup 
After my mom help her to shower i feed her milk before i go out.
She start to like shower and no more crying !!!
She start to enjoy when help her to bath!  

 9 day old 30.04.12 night time, my mom feed her milk before she go bed. 
Love you little one.. Mommy will hold you and sayang.
 Belle - 10 day old 01.05.12
01.05.12 is a memories day for Daddy & Mommy is our 1st wedding anniversary.
So happy after a year we have you together with us.
You were 10 days old on that day!
Daddy promised will give us happiness
 Belle - 11 day old 02.05.12
She just keep looking at her colorful toy! 
But her vision is blur and only black and white ...!
Still she staring on it, i wonder whether she like it or?!
 Belle - 12 day old 03.05.12
Show her happy face after drank milk and waiting for shower
Mosquito bite her cheek - poor baby
 Belle - 13 day old 04.05.12
Today in a good mood, always put your smile on her face.. :)

  Belle - 14 day old 05.05.12
Day time when she woke up she started to do exercise, learn boxing , both hand and leg start move and kicking
When she sleep give her pacifier, otherwise she crying.
We surrender and have to give whatever she wanted and stop her crying and let her feel comfortable.
Sometime she take pacifier , sometime not...
Really need to take time and study what she want! 
My princess, I will try to be patient! haha
To be continue ...

Belle 7 day old - 28.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day a day to see her growing ...everyday she have different look.! 
Sometime look like boy sometime look like girl...

Always open her mouth big big... you want to talk or eat?!
Look cute, when carries her close to your face she open her mouth also!
With her sweet face and so curious what am doing! 
Daddy 1st time carries baby, since he fell as sick and can't get close to her daughter.
Do not know how to carries, but he learning...

At night time everyone went out for dinner because is Saturday night.
I stay at home take care of her, when she woke up help her to clean up and changed.
Feel uncomfortable and show me angry face!

Wanna to sleeping just hope i do not disturb her...! hehe

Love u my little one!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Belle 6 day old - 27.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, May 14, 2012
 Up to date our daughter Isabelle Low already in 23 day old. But i just post about her 6 day old! 
I will summaries and shorten the post. 

Below just short post about her for a day on he 6 day old. 
Belle 6 day old she still crying when she bathed

When she open her eye totally can't see her double eyelids.
I feel so sleepy already please don't busy to capture photo ...
Wanna to cry already...!
So lau kai and like ppl pamper her in this way... :) 
Ready to sleep
When she feel sleepy, double eyelids appear and can see clearly.
Love to see her with her blue look... especially when she sleepy. 
But can not cry one ar...! 

Sometime you can see her cry, sometime you can see her smile
When she cry really do not know what she wanted and you can get mad, but when you see her smile it sweet to max! 
Baby crying is normal, this is the only way she interact with us! 
Be a new parents like me really is hard time now, have to study what she want and observe and do the best to make her feel comfortable!
I'm learning to be a mum ...! I need support too! 
Now i know not that easy job to take care a children.
My mom help me a lot, thank you so much and love u!

Friday, May 11, 2012

5 day old - 26.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, May 11, 2012
Earlier morning she woke up with her swollen eye..
Chubby and swollen eye..
Can't see your double eyelids when she awake.. When she sleepy only can see...
Look like boy boy..

Help her to change and put her under the sun for 10 mins as her skin a bit yellow...
She like Kung Fu...
Boxing champion - come and challenge me..

Feel hot and uncomfortable already...

Crying.. poor baby,

 At night when she ready to bed...
Good night girl.

4 day old - 25.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, May 11, 2012
Another day...
In the morning my mom help her to bath.
Look at her so pity, when take bath she still crying... she still feel scared!

After bathed she feel happy already... hehe
She ready to bed

At night after milk, like people hug her on shoulder and soft beat her back to let her burping..

Thanks Chai Ping Aunty bought her cloths :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby 3 day old - 24.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, May 10, 2012
Following post is all about my princess it might bored post!
But for me is fun, i like to capture every feature and express showed on her face in each moment. As i know when i  resume to work i got no chance to look at her all day long! And i gonna miss her so much!

Hello Good Morning, Belle woke up in earlier morning around 7am+
On that day gotta return to hospital bring her for check up
She got a bit yellow on her face...

After bathed and ready to go...
wrap her and brought her go for check up... she still sleeping after drank milk.
After check up and blood test she is fine.

Return home after feed her milk and hug her on my shoulder for a while.. She just love people hug her this way...
 During evening time help her to clean and change let her have a good night sleep.
Look at her mitten printed ' I Love Daddy & I love Mommy'

She feel sleepy already...
Isabelle:-faster help me change and let me sleep don't disturb me!

Have a good night sleep =)
 Next morning..
Sleeping beauty  :-*

2 day old - 23.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, May 10, 2012
Isabelle Low at home already lo..
The day 23.04.12, this is 1st time she bathed at home, she feel insecure and cried... poor baby!
After bath wrap her with baby cotton napkin as the weather is so hot can't use the thick swaddler! Wrap her to let her feel safe and comfortable just like when she in the womb...:)
When she sleep she always jump even the noise is so soft she also jump..! Poor baby...
My mom came from Ipoh to cook for me and help me take care of baby!
Luckily i have her to help me otherwise i don't know how to do... and must be tired like hell.
This few week i also feel tired as the little girl will wake up middle of night for milk, 2 - 3 times @@ 1am , 4 am or 6am... or 12am, 3am, gosh.. But is my mother help me to feed her, but still i will awake till she finish the bottle of milk.

Thank you so much my mom!
You're great, how wish you are staying with us in KL but too you can take care my daugther and see her to grow up...
When she craving of milk she can cries very very loud! :)
She is so cute... I just like to look at her when she sleeping...
Love you so much my little girl!

Baby 1 day old

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, May 10, 2012

After give birth next day (22/4/2012) earlier morning nurse send baby to our room for breastfeed.
We take single room and sweethut stay with me since I'm admitted to hospital. 
He gotta wake up too and he so excited to see baby. But too bad he can't get closer with baby as he flu.. and he request surgery mask from nurse... 
When he become so sweet and considerate, can think about this, all because of his daughter!
Good news is BB and Mommy can discharge on that day!
I love my girl.
Her cute little toe...
Awaiting Doc come and check up with me and then i can hug baby home together...
She changed and ready to go home... 
Welcome home my little one! 
She look chubby for day 1 and day 2, actually is swollen... 
Now she look thin already!  
Another 10 days to baby fullmoon, can't wait for the day come as i can fully release...! 
During confinement like going to jail! :D

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