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My very 1st Euro Trip...from 5 June - 13/6/13 !
Unplanned trip! Just tag along the trip together with M&SIL
Sweethut heard they will going London & Paris and he suggest and ask me go together with them! Lol.. anyhow i prefer he go together with me! 
Finally i decided to go but he not going! 
I wish another Euro trip is both of us, the best is with our kids as well! 

This is so called my very 1st Euro Trip , been to London and Paris! 
Sweet and he make my dream come true ' to have Euro trip within 30 years old'! 
Anyway the dream it just come true half.. coz my wish is go together with the love one! ( My hubby)

Direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to London take about 13 hours to reach!
Really super duper long journery!

Fly with Mas Airline
Service is good compare with the Air Asia ! :D
Non stop eating and even you can request drink not only juice but beer & Wine!
I really enjoyed myself in plane! hehe

Once we touch down at London is about 4pm + Local time
Transpot have been arranged pick us up from airport to Hotel! 
From airport to Hotel take about 45 min journey. Once we reached hotel we heck in and fresh up and go out immediately , we head to oxford street have our dinner at China Town! 
We have wonderful stay with PARK LANE MEWS HOTEL
 Each perosn one room, price at £169.00 per night! 
Park Lan Mews hotel located in central of London, which is very convenient is within a short walking distance to Hyde Park,  Oxford Street ... & Tube Station! 
I like this hotel so much! Really English Style ! 
I really wish you beside me &  miss you & baby so much! 

Please help yourself 
one day one apple! 

Bathtub... I take my bubble bath everyday without fail! 

To book your room for stay link to 


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