Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Precious Moment - 3 of us!

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, October 01, 2013
During Period 08.09.13 - 21.09.13 - 3 of us stick together everyday for 2 weeks
This is very 1st time baby girl stick together with Daddy & Mommy at night time! 
And this is 1st time seprate with Po po.. Po po who take care of her since newborn day 1!
She used to sleep with Popo , po po make milk for her, cook her porriadge, shower her...
We planed to brought her to JB during long weekend , so we decided to follow us in KL maid and ah Gong take care of her during day time. Daddy & Mommy take turn evening time! 

Po po need a break also right! hehe

Well everything going fine! Thanks Lord!  

Starting so worries she not used to it... she did a good job and be a good good girl! 
Just starting 1st and 2nd day she will find Po po.. following day she guai guai and sleep when she feel sleepy
Every night Daddy & Mommy accompnay her to sleep, before she sleep what to do.. play her music! 
She know to select her favourite song! Lol.. 
Be patient, soft to her everything running smooth! 

Have a sweet chat with Daddy before she sleep! So lovely 
Daddy & Mommy love to cuddling her into bed each night! hehe
I just feel the moment is so sweet... request Daddy help me to capture one photo please! 
The moment full of love! 


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