Friday, October 11, 2013

Poor baby - See doc @ JB

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, October 11, 2013

When the time we in JB, the little bad coughing in middle of night
Next day is Sunday 15.09.13, worries no Doc!
Thank so much! Clarin checked with her colleg informed that Kempas Hospital the Doc open on Sunday.
Phew.. so we proceed to see Doc 1st.. wow.. long Q wei!
Little girl play in the play ground corner while waiting.
Eugene be her photographe taken some photo there!

Everyone is hungry and sacrifice, waiting girl to see Doc 1st.! After that we follow by our brunch! Too bad heavy that ruin our plan to Legoland! Finally we went to Hello Kitty Town instead..! This major for Kids so Eugene & Clarin not join us... they wait for us about 3-4 hours ! Really pai sey! Really appreciated they spent time with us and wait for us! This is real true friend!

Thank you so much!

Photo taken by Eugene Fu, He going to be a pro photographer soon! 
Thank for the photo shooting for little girl! 

Heavy rain.. baby wait till siao liao! 

Thunder ...she quickly cover her ear..
Teh teh Daddy hug her!

She really Daddy's girl! 
Love love love! 


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