Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry X'mas 2009

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, December 28, 2009
Yippppi.. Christmas lol..
Dec 24th night we (Wesley, Jeff & me) head to JB after working hour, Christmas Eva didn't go any special place for count down. We just stayed at Eugene's house and attend to neighbor's open house just beside his house.
Can't wait to go S'pore at 25th Dec 09.
Next day woke up earlier get ready to s'pore. ^o^
After breakfast we head to S'pore.
Super Jam @ custom.
1st stop EXPO Exhibition hall 8 - City Harvest Church to celebrate Christmas Spirit (Sing Christmas Carols, Watch Drama - 'Love Story', Pray) Wish Everyone Merry Christmas *Big Hugs*
2nd stop Bugis - Lunch & an hours shopping
3rd Stop - Karaoke @ orchard
Last - Orchard Road (Walk, see) ♥ Romantic - Full of love, joy & Fun
Great day!

We were on the way!
Super Jam..
When we reach at EXPO exhibition hall 8, we were late
They was just started to sing Christmas carols.
Drama started...
Touching , good & nice.
Good actor & actress, they very professional acting on this drama.
My tear nearly... touching + good actor & actress.
They really cried in the part of sadness
Good show.
The story talking about the 'New king born - Jesus'
" Try to avoid Family conflicts, husband & wife conflicts, bro & sis conflicts... forgiveness "
To love each other.
Be Happy , be merry.. Merry Christmas!

Happy Ending!
Family conflicts solved.
Joseph & Marry ♥ 'New King borned' = Jesus


Yeah.. new friendsss..
Sis & me
Eugene & me
Jeff ♥ cHai Li
Wait for me..
Security blocked the road while i want to cross the road..They all already cross the road.
We were at Bugis
Here is shopping paradise.
It's very cheap, selling those stuff like Sg Wang & Time Square.
Its not branded, but consider cheap & nice & fashion.
I love this Bugis market
Crowded lol..
3 of us
cHai Li , Celine & Clarin
We head to Orchard
@ Orchard Road
Sing K
Merry Christmas's Cake.. YUmmy..

Enjoyed , happy & Fun
They are kind ppl


I'm falling in love Christmas day @ S'pore.
Very nice. It's not the most but at least better than Malaysia.
I believe other places like HK, Japan , Korea also...
How wish to spend my Christmas day @ Oversea 'White Christmas'. HEHEHE...

Inside the Christmas Tree - very nice!

Santa with us

This year decoration title is 'Reindeer'


Q up to bought ice cream i think take 1/2 hrs. @@
Yeah .. finally we go it..

Ferrero Rocher!

Crazy in love of Puah chu kang!
Bye S'pore. . We head back to JB. Arrived home about 1am
Wow.. tired but fun & joyful
That is for my Christmas day 2009!
Sweet Memory day

Our Memories - Trailer


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