Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All about her the little one!

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Belle - 8 day old 29.04.12

Photo taken at night before she go to dreamland =)
Daddy bought her a green color swaddle
Help her to clean up and change and wrap her with swaddle but i feel she will too hot! May be not, i do not know.. 
My mom feed her milk before she sleep :)
She can't wait when she craving of milk, she can cry very loud if you let her hungry!

 Belle - 9 day old 30.04.12
On that day i went to hospital checkup 
After my mom help her to shower i feed her milk before i go out.
She start to like shower and no more crying !!!
She start to enjoy when help her to bath!  

 9 day old 30.04.12 night time, my mom feed her milk before she go bed. 
Love you little one.. Mommy will hold you and sayang.
 Belle - 10 day old 01.05.12
01.05.12 is a memories day for Daddy & Mommy is our 1st wedding anniversary.
So happy after a year we have you together with us.
You were 10 days old on that day!
Daddy promised will give us happiness
 Belle - 11 day old 02.05.12
She just keep looking at her colorful toy! 
But her vision is blur and only black and white ...!
Still she staring on it, i wonder whether she like it or?!
 Belle - 12 day old 03.05.12
Show her happy face after drank milk and waiting for shower
Mosquito bite her cheek - poor baby
 Belle - 13 day old 04.05.12
Today in a good mood, always put your smile on her face.. :)

  Belle - 14 day old 05.05.12
Day time when she woke up she started to do exercise, learn boxing , both hand and leg start move and kicking
When she sleep give her pacifier, otherwise she crying.
We surrender and have to give whatever she wanted and stop her crying and let her feel comfortable.
Sometime she take pacifier , sometime not...
Really need to take time and study what she want! 
My princess, I will try to be patient! haha
To be continue ...


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