Tuesday, October 26, 2010

101010 ♥ ROM ♥ Jeffrey Low & Chai Li

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, October 26, 2010
101010 - Today had marked in history, Low Chun Chi & Choong Chai Li from today onwards was officially married!
Our both family become into one family!
Hope we can stay happy ever!

Early morning i woke up at 6:15am, after bathed and start do help myself to do make up & hair do!
Time running fast.. already 7am
Sweethut still on bed, I'm still busy to make up!
Mommy knock door and i opened door, she saw Jeff still sleeping there.. haha why u still sleeping!
He quickly woke up and clean up. He act super fast.......! He kao tim i haven't done!
whole world waiting for me! Quickly set my hair! okok
7:30am already, 7:30 started do register attendance but we still at home!
Finally , done.. I'm ready to go!
Rushing out and before go out i did check everything, document(ic, birth cert), ring, ok all in bag.
Let's go!
(Otw- half way............)
OMG......... I forgot take my flower ar.................! What's going on u ?! Chai Li chai li!

Sweethut : - u see...........last min ! (@_@)
Me:- *Quiet & Thinking* - who ask u chasing me and don't help me take! Blekkkk
U TURN and go back home to take my flower! (8:10am now)

Anxious, so worried start already.
Reached at 8:30am
When reach there counter nearly to close. Lucky still manage to register attendance!
Forgetful = Me!
All couples already come out to take group photo!
After register attendance, everything smooth!
There have 3 group A, B, C
We're no 12. group A
10am + 'kao tim'!

Group Photo
We're family
Ceremony started in hall - Total 365 couple ROM today (10-10-10)
@ Thean Hou Temple
♥ Our both family become into one family!
Beloved family photo
Thank you all family & friend take your time here to be our witness
Sissy - Me
Super hot..! *Sweating
Let's snap a last photo and cabut!

Thank you DC for photo shooting!
But all photo in this post is taken by Chai Ping - Thank you sis
Let's dance (^-^)
Pinky & Keat
I promise i will take care of you - Jeff
We will holding each other hand grow old together! ♥

Jeff & Chai Li
Next session appreciate lunch @ Cheers Palace Restaurant, Cheras - 1pm
To be continue next post for our celebration
(Crazy drinking session!)
Stay Tuned!


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