Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pre-wedding shooting @ Beautiful Bali - Day 1

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Last month end we went to Bali for our pre-wedding shooting.
This is our 2nd visit to Bali
1st day itinerary -> Uluwatu Temple ->Jimbaran Sunset Dinner ->Kuta street
About 3 hour flight from Malaysia to Bali..... tirednya

Reached at Bali Ngurah Rai Airport about 1pm+
Check in to lousy hotel Oranjje Hotel... deng,dong,deng,dong (busy complaining)..
We left our luggage in Hotel and head to Uluwatu 1st while waiting call from the boss...

About 1hrs + drive from Kuta
Here we are.. Uluwatu!
That is spectacular temple where located at cliff top
Here is one of popular can enjoy sunset view, but we didn't wait for sunset.
At there you can enjoy show - Balinese Kecak Dance is a traditional dance with a group of people. We miss this show again.. hehe
There have a lot of Monkey there. Must be caution Monkey will catch your camera, sunglasses, hair clip etc.....
I kena ... ! It jump to my shoulder and catch my sunglasses ... scared me !!! T.T The local immediate throw a pack of banana and it choose banana .. Banana RM to the local ... Expensive!

Naughty Monkey

Nice scenery
Nearly to sunset, fast we move to Jimbaran Sunset dinner!
Bali about 6pm sky become dark already! Sunset time about 5pm +
Jimbaran beach, there have one row of seafood restaurants, it set along the beach.
Table are set up right on the sand you can enjoy beautiful sunset while having your seafood dinner
We had our seafood dinner @ Damos Cafe

erm... yum , yum yum!
ordering our food

Fast fast fast... last photo.. sun going home..!
The couple (Sook Fang & Hee)

The place so romantic feel... Great place!

After dinner we return back the lousy hotel check out and move to other hotel..
Kuta Beach Club
Walk around at Kuta street after we check in to Kuta Beach Club...
Nice painting

roar roar roar

Hotel Kuta Beach Club
The place nicer that previous one 100%
Not the best but comfor

Our room! Compare to previous better deal!

This is my gown for shooting!
Not very nice ...

Stuff need to use for our wedding shoot
Bear bear

Try our gown to see which shirt match with my gown ...

Now is 12am + got to sleep.. next day got to wake up at 6am! @@
Too bad......Insomnia.. cant even sleep well!
3am I'm still awake.. Sweethut snoring

Next day when woke up quickly put on mask to cure my swollen eye
To be continue.. post for day 2
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Jessyca on October 21, 2010 at 1:09 PM said...

hi~ Buaya Jess crawls over ur blog to say 'Congratulations'!! ^^

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