Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Modern Classic Collection !

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, October 06, 2010
You Modern Classic make me feel disappointed with your company.
Especially service. Thing changed but never inform up front!
Last week we just back from our outdoor pre-wedding shoot, can say it was unpleasant trip.
Suppose this is our happy, relaxing trip but your arrangement spoils it!
The most important photographer change, but never inform.
We no confidences with new photographer because i never see his photograph style.
I'm not complaining he is bad but still ............ what to do.. !
This is fact, i already sigh up the package with this Modern Classic.
In my mind now is nervous to see the output!
When chatting with you (boss), you give me concern said no worried.
You told me that you've go through our pic look nice, big eye, slim, pretty and look like model! wow... praise me like a model! sure boh! but still this is your opinion ...... , it might not what i wanted!
I know no point to argue and complaining , what i hope that you all can do me a nice wedding album for our sweet memory! T T
Wedding gown for indoor shooting , i can't even choose the design i like it. . . hopefully new batch of gown will come in asap.
You ( modern classic )make me hectic and no mood, i wish to fast fast settle it and done my pre-wedding shoot soonest.
Shit u ......... Modern Classic

Blog as below is new photographer product:-


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