Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pre-wedding shooting @ Beautiful Bali - Day 2

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2nd day at Bali is the day for shooting !

Was a super tired day! Early morning 5:30am I got to wake up as makeup artist informed 6am will come to my room to make up but she was late!!! 6:30am just came because of the other couple late for ½ hrs! loll… I’m waiting ½ hrs

Itinerary : - Bali Museum, Tegalalang (Rice Terence), Tanah Lot , Kuta’s Street

Super hot day! During time shooting our eye can’t even open! What is output for our photo! Nervous

Some more the photographer focus view more than focuses both of us! MY GOD, both of us super small in photo!

Jeffrey low photograph
Nice hor??!!
Tegalalang (Rice Terence)

Change gown and make up

Having our lunch at Tegalalang facing the rice Terence field

Tanah Lot , that day is a Sunny Day ..

Wearing the wedding gown walk around.. That really a lot of people look at you.
We receive a lot of wishes & blessing from tourists.
Hello, congratulation you look pretty, can I take a photo with you! Wow.. Congratulation! Cute! …etc They just take their camera and snap
Few girl I guess they from Malaysia
The girl: Hey we go there and take photo with them
Jeff: Can but got to pay money! Haha....
Another one make me feel super happy is … congratulation , how old are you? I’m27 years old.. I give you 20! Hahaha…. 20 how wish I am
Below photo the ladies just married travel to Bali for Honeymoon! Congrats to her as well!
Kuta’s Street
Casual wear shooting at Kuta’s street

What a tired day, but feel so happy and enjoy!
Although I still worried on the photo result… but we did really enjoy the progress of shooting and our trip!

To be continue our Day 3 === Relaxing & enjoying àBalinese massage & SPA

Stay Tuned


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