Friday, October 15, 2010

Modern Classic Collection - Pre-wedding Bali package

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, October 15, 2010
Last month Sept, 29-30, we went to Bali for our pre-wedding shoot
We feel so excited....but end up...huhhh
Once arrived depansar airport we met another couple , photographer and make up artist
Wait for tour guide come and pick us up at airport to hotel for check in.
Oranjje Hotel - This really super duper 'NICE' hotel!

When i met the couple at airport, i started to heard bad news from Modern Classic.
She told me this is new photographer, they already taken for indoor shooting! They unsatisfied the photographer shooting style!
I started to feel worried!
Well... what to do! We already here....
Another surprise to us...........
Once we arrived hotel lobby we met up with another couple, for this trip total 3 couple
They already check in hotel, when we ask them how was the hotel?!
The answer is you will 'SURPRISE'
Once we got our key, we walk walk and walk .. all the way feel so dirty, dark and like ghost place!
When step in our room, smelly!
I'm thinking how to stay at this kind of place!
Knock knock knock
Hee: 'Hey, this kind of room how to stay!'
Jeff: Yes, then how?!
Hee: Go and complaint and move out the hotel. I won't stay here!
Jeff: ok ...
(They go and talk with the photographer and make up attics)
Calling the bosss.... Will check with agency and will call us back later
Let's check out below accommodation Modern Classic provided in pre-wedding shoot package!
Terrible?! Lousy?!
What kind of this offer, we choose oversea pre-wedding shoot of course we wish to have relaxing and enjoying trip for our photo shooting!
This kind of hotel how can stay!
Even the staff also said never stay this kind of lousy place!
Can't blame the staff as they are new staff!
The boss return a call mentioned that this all is the old photographer fault as all this arrangement set by him! What a good reason! You already fried him what you talk also can!
This all is your internal problem, non of our business.
Finally she willing to pay for one night hotel for us at RM 250 , 2nd night we got to pay by our self! We was forcing accepted!
Please consider when you sign up package with MC Collection!
They have a lot of Internal problem! Management problem! Suck..!
This hotel even local tour guide also not clear where it located!
How bad! Sh*t..... MC

We unsatisfied the bridal shop service but we still enjoyed our trip!
Take it as short vocation
To be continue post in Bali....
Stay Tuned.........


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