Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Charity Event @ Palace of The Golden Horses Hotel

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Charity event held at Golden horse hotel
Those people to attend this event majority are old folks, blind, orphans...etc
They've arrange a lot of game program for kids, show & etc ...the purpose is to cheer up their life
We was there just give spirit of support and help them when their needed
I saw those blind although they can't see but they still enjoying when music or show play on the stage! I feel they are not convenient if you can't see anything, and life is no meaning but they still enjoying their life!
 We must learn don't easily give up!  I feel god treat me is not bad and i wanna to thanks god, I will treasure what i have .. try not to complaint and unsatisfied my life!
There are many poor people who need help
Although i got nothing to do but i feel this is meaningful event!
God bless world, and world peace

Before entering to the event have a snack food ...

-All of us-

Oh ya..Last Sunday we went to Modern Classic Collection to preview and choose our pre-wedding photo.
Suppose next month but they called me last Thu ask me go early say having promotion!
We've choose 55poses , I'm prefer indoor shooting more than bali outdoor shooting! Huhhhhh...
They offered at RM 400 to buy all software total 230+ pcs w/o touch up.
Worth it?! Considering ... ^-^ 
Wish to get back all copy as am in love those indoor shoot!


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