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Precious moment @ Guilin - 04/10/10 - Day 5

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 Super belated post to continue Day 5 at Guilin.
Day 5 was bored but relaxed day.
We head to LongSheng rice terrance & the most famous LongSheng Hot Spring National Forest Park at northwest of Guilin. 
4 hrs drive from YangShou to LongSheng @@

On the way there have a lot of pomelo, one of well-known fruit in Guilin
but Malaysia Ipoh quite a lot also...haha
Half way stop at petrol station and we bought Persimmon
There got 2 type see below that is different color.. 
One is red look like tomato , this one a bit soft when you eat.
This one yellow color when you eat sweet & crunchy.

Look at below this is toilet we found at petrol station! No door @@
Very dirty and smelly。。terrible
Finally we arrived , 1st stop at Longji
The Zhuang and the Yao nationalities live here,mainly is Zhuang people
We visit to experience their culture . 
The women dress in colorful costumes, sing and dance before start our lunch. 
Guest can join with them to enjoy the original Zhuang culture.

Welcome drink! I don't know this call what? 

Start our lunch...


a cup of ??

sweet corn.. real one lo
dried it and take to harvest
‘Luo Han Guo

Finished lunch what to do?!
Here we are... Climbing  to LongSheng Rice terrence?!
 Is so hot wei... but windy


 The view of Dragon's backbone rice terraces?!

That is big different compare with photo..!!!

The rice terraces is from season to season, if during winter can see the whole mountain covered with white snow?! walau.. wonderful but we was there not the right timing, all were harvested and waiting for winter season.. so that you see it's just like normal mountain as photo below

Nothing to do here ..
women talk..

Crazy pose!

 See the photo above.. there have a couple married.. 
They still follow  traditional way to get married.Groom wearing white shirt and tie with a big and red flower. Bride wearing red color 'Cheung sum' dress.
The aunt (our travel-mate) said:- wah.. so red one now malaysia where got 'heng' dress up like this one, wear so red look like 'ang pao'! @@
I really betahan to laugh!

Last stop at LongSheng hot Spring
National forest park map as below,but we only go to hot spring!
Stay a night here..

convenient stall...haha

 After diner about 8pm we went to enjoy hot spring! 
Bathing in spring at weather 15 degree with hot spring - enjoy to max!
A lot of Korean travel here and enjoy hot spring, this is the famous hot spring in south china 


After hot spring .. Nothing to do here.. go out and walk walk and nothing can buy for supper! 
Suffering night

Better sleep early otherwise hungry can't sleep!
That all at LongSheng. The most enjoy is Hot spring! 


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