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Precious moment @ Guilin - 03/11/10 Day 4 Last part

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The Liu Sanjie show in Yangshuo is the world largest natural theater which utilizes the waters of the Li River as its stage. Impression San Jie Liu, is a huge outdoor performance with more then 1.5k seat available.
Weekday one show per day! Weekend or public holiday 2 shows per day! 
It can be full house! 

According to the tour guide:-
Director of this show is the china famous Zhang Yimou. He writing total of 3 lightsshow in china :  Lijiang Yunnan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain) , Hangzhou's West Lake and Yangshou Impression SanJie Liu. He also is chief director of 2008 olympic games .

Zhang Yimou usage of the lights and water emphasizes the beauty of the Li River and limestone mountains.

Story about the movie tells Liu Sanjie who had a beautiful voice and the gangster falls in love with Liu SanJie. The tale about Liu SanJie and his boyfriend (ah niu ger)

This show is a must see and worth all the money spend!

Mom so happy right, you know why she keep laughing!?

Because she fool me, told me that can't bring in camera while we entering entrance.

She walk front of me, suddenly she U-turn and walk toward me and told me that can't bring in camera! har....I so worried so i trying to hide my camera in my jacket!

As you know DSL camera BIG size one la... When i walk in the entrance i didn't see any signboard 'No Camera'! Others guest also bring in camera!
Then we keep laughing non stop!

We experienced when we was in Phuket we watch Fantasea show that not allow camera, so she tell me say can't bring in camera! @@

With our group of travelmate.

Performance started.. 
My lens can't zoom far..so only can snap a little kecil small people ..

The nice part!
Fishermen rowing bamboo raft in a column!

Water as stage! Superb

This is nice shot! I like it!
Fishermen rowing the bamboo raft

After impression show, we walk along west street again.
As tonight is our last night in Yangshou! Just wanna to feel the nightlife in west street, as tour guide told us that there a lot of bar for drinking session.Really happening!

Cuties rabbit!

Dad & mon
Mr Chan & Mrs Chan

Superb couple! you see their hat.. wow 'yeng'

Nice bag, luggage

erm...yum yum yum.. BBQ squid, prawn & chicken take away to hotel! 
Yummy delicious!

Num,num,num! Yummy!
That all for Yangshou.
Next day we travel to "Long sheng" hot spring!
To be continue......


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