Friday, December 31, 2010

Bangkok Scam - Yindee Lapidary Scam

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, December 31, 2010
I'm just go thru the link Bangkok scams, i found out still have a lot of people being cheated by Yindee Lipadary which selling Gem &Jewelery. I'm one of victim! I would like to share out my experience to all my reader here, must be alert when you traveling to BKK! Besides gem & jewelery scam , there have tuk-tuk , tailor & etc scam case can be happens in BKK.
Incident as below:-

Sweethut and me,we was in Bangkok this year from 29/1/2010 to 31/1/2010,on our last day at Bangkok we were at Pratunam Centre at around 2:00pm and was approach by a man to claim today was Buddha day and we should go to Lucky Buddha to pray and it was about 5 minutes away if you take Tuk-Tuk.
The men help arrange the Tuk-Tuk for us to go Lucky Buddha and upon praying, we were approach by another man claiming he is working in Singapore and came to Bangkok to do business and showed us that we could purchase Orange Sapphire for a good price. He showed us the receipt of purchase to convince us that it was a good offer. 

When we leave the temple the Tuk-Tuk took us to Yindee Lipadary (1091/75-77 Petchburi Road, Soi 33, Makasan Bangkok, 10400 Thailand)where a lady by the name of TP serve us purchase the Orange Sapphire.We purchased 3 items from Yindee Lapidary Ltd (2 rings and 1 Pendant) for THB74,690!  
When we back to Malaysia. We only realize that the value of the items is incorrect after checking the price and we went to the internet check on Yindee Lapidary to only confirm that we were being cheated! *CRY*

Lucky we manage to obtain a 100% refund after 6 months.Thanks God! 

Here to share out how to resolve if you kena cheated:-
1 We report this to the bank immediately and fill up necessary documents to inform them it was a fraud case, the bank will not reverse the transaction without the merchants instruction, therefore the report is for you to avoid any interest charge shall the case is prolong. Do not waste time with the bank explaining how you get fraud, they are still not going to refund you. Take note.

2 - Domestic Internal Trade, Mr. Suchat is helpful or over helpful for the past years, he will give u an option to courier the gems to him or return to Thailand. Forget about courier the items as you want to avoid any surprises, its either you return it to Bangkok or get assistance from a trustable friend at Bangkok.

3 - Tourism Ministry, Ms. Anchalee is sincere and helpful you can try email her the case
She will then escalate the case to her boss and they will give the scammers a ring and negotiate on your behalf. I've tried this method and I've got a 100% refund. You may request for their assistance to accompany you to the shop if necessary. 
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We lucky have Mr Denkey he is sweethut sis's friend to help us out!
Thousand thanks to you! Thank so much for your help! 
Thank god! 

This is what we purchased! Look back those item really ugly & look like fake! Orange Sapphire! 
Don't ask me why will buy this, i also don't know why! WTH @@ 
Must be alert when you traveling to other country don't simply trust people! 
God bless you!


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