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Precious moment @ Guilin - 03/11/10 Day 4 Part 1

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4th day at Yangshou
Breakfast again! Every morning 7am morning call, both of us will be woke up late till Dad & Mon knock our door! hehe but we still on time at 9am start our journey
Those travelmate, Dad & Mom having their breakfast at 8am but both of us is 8:30am start to having our breakfast. *Lazy pig*

Our journey of day were touring silver cave, river cruise, Li jiang wan - (荔江湾) , Impression Sanjie Liu - (印象刘三姐)  & West street

In Guilin & Yangshuo there are numerous cave.
The Silver Cave is one of the best Yangshou caves. The Silver Cave is a multi-storied karst cave. It's about 2 kilometers of the cave to touring, including the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave.

When I walk inside the silver cave I found the natural stone in the cave. Silver top of the cave make me feel in a beautiful world of ice & Snow. When i walk across the stone cliffs i understand why is called silver cave.. *Blink blink blink*  The silver cave is really a fairyland! Each scenic spot make me feel fantastic, i'm so excited to my continue the journey inside and listen the tour guide explain meanwhile I'm  busy for photo shooting each part that i walk through. I always left at behind can't catch up with the group.

Unforgettable cave tour!

' 游了银子岩, 一世不缺钱' - 'tour of the Silver Cave, whole life not short of money'

Silver Cave
Did you notice photo above look like orang utan hugging each other?!

Mom, Dad &Pinky
Start our cave touring ......
Nice hor!
Does it look like yam!

Golden key!

Great wall

River - Can you see the shadow! nice to max..


Dad & me

Is this look like breast ?!

Bless to bring us luck
After Cave tour, we have our lunch.
Everyday dish was almost same! @@ 
I don't like it - pork, duck... T.T

Fresh vege
After lunch head to river cruise again! 
In Guilin SanJie Liu is the famous Star. When you in Guilin can heard her 'San Gor' everywhere. And most of their show or activities is singing 'San Gor' also.

Singing 'San Gor'

I don't know what type of bird or duck or.... ??
It's know how to catch fish! 
This is the way how they catch fish!

Famous 'Gui hou' Tree - During Lantern Festival or Oct will open flower. Is white color

Jump, Jummppppp!
Yeahoo.... my tummy @@
What they looking for?!

Is this Water Chestnut 

 Day 4 not ended! Going to continue part 2 to 
.......... Li jiang wan - (荔江湾) , Impression Sanjie Liu - (印象刘三姐)  & West street


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