Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Isabelle @ TGIF

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Baby Isabelle was 1 month 5day - 270512
A Sunny Sunday, she woke up and 'manja manja' after feed her milk help her to take bath.. ya, i help her to take bath! Some people ask me you dare to help her take bath, my answer is no choice i got to try!
When i help her to take bath 1st and 2nd time ... crying...............! 
Following better liao.. but still sometime she will cry i think because she no confident with her mommy
My very first time to help baby take bath! Only for my lovely daughter.

Be a mom not easy and have to sacrifices! 
Like carrying a big balloon during pregnancy, people laugh body shape gone,suffering pain when delivery, middle of night wake up feed her, not enough sleep, less personnel time to do own thing..etc..

I'm still learning to be a good  mummy! 

On that day afternoon after feed her milk she don't want to sleep, i suggest to bring her out to mid valley
We have our lunch at TGIF, we reached restaurant she started to make noise because she want milk milk. So i gotta feed her 1st, after milk milk she pooping! 
OMG i have to help her clean up in toilet. After cleaned my meal served long time jor, and sweethut about finish her steak... ?! I just started to eat...
Some people will say carry baby out is so troublesome, need to pack a lot thing but this is life i do really enjoy it!

Before went out daddy talk with her... she like people talk with her.

Mummy and girl girl
@ TGIF - The gardens
Fell asleep...

I love her!


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