Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pregnancy Week 30

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, February 16, 2012

 During last weekend 11/2/12 - Pregnancy week 30 
We went to shop for baby stuff
We did bought a 'My Princess Playpen' for her at Kuchi Lama BB store. Really nice one =) 
Suppose we wanted to buy baby cot, but saw advertisement said have a bebe fair at convention center at 24-26 feb, so we decided go there and have a look... 
Once we reach kuchi Lama, we went to Sweet hut plan to have a lunch but it's just dessert house..
We just order sweet dessert and some snacks food to eat.
Fresh Mango Milk with soft black jelly - for hime.. taste so so only
Coconut pudding Longan ice - for me
American chicken Sandwich - Taste ok only

Baked egg tart with chips
Egg tart really super mini size.. taste no good :D
After eat, we went to BB store and bought  playpen for little girl.. ! 

At night we went to port klang Kg Jawa to have our dinner together with family.
Have been long time didn't go there, one that day really crowded. 
BBQ Crab is look nice but actually is not fresh
BBQ spcicy prawn, so tasty but pricy. 
Price increase quite a lot compare last time. 
Just a simple and lazy weekend over... But coming Mon & Tues i will be on leave 13 & 14/2 =)
Nowadays seldom go out during weekend, i prefer stay at home. 
I really feel so tired and can't walk long distance.. my leg feel easy tired and pain. 
Walk like crab...T T


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