Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water dragon year 2012 - Day 1

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, February 02, 2012
In this Dragon year, my position were different. I'm not a girlfriend but as a wife.
This dragon would be happiness year, we awaiting our little one to arrive that god granted this precious to us. 
I wish this would be good year, good health and good wealth to everyone!
During Chinese New Year Eve, i follow husband back to old house to have reunion dinner with Low's family, this is what they did every year.
Ready to go for reunion day.. (Pregnancy week 28)

During 1st day of CNY sweethut and I woke up so early at 7am , unbelieveable! hehe

I woke up and prepare tea for parents in law. Mother taught me, in 1st day of CNY both of us have to take tea to parents in law to show our respect. We did :)
After prepare tea and go to take flower bath to clean all bad luck and welcome new year =)
Hello dragon year, dress up with XXL size and do simple make up.

Pregnancy Week 28 
This is what i can dress up at this moment. i gain a lot weight! @@
After dress up we take tea to parent in law and they gave us ang pao too!
No family photo, pai sey to ask them to snap photo in early morning =P 

 Nicely Deco done by MIL
 Husband & Wife going to have breakfast

And we have our breakfast 'prawn noodles' and we go back to old house have gathering with relative.
During lunch sweethut brought me ate Pizza hut :P

I left about 5pm + , sweethut still continue there, he spent whole day there drinking and gambling session.
And i back home have snap some photo and take a rest 

Pregnancy  week 28 during this CNY

At night we went for movie 'I LOVE HONG KONG' with husband's cousin. 
That's just a simple Day 1 of CNY 


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