Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 13 of CNY - Lap Chuan

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, February 16, 2012

On that day 4/2/2012 we went to cX studio have indoor pregnancy photo shooting! 
I bought a voucher from My deal, it only RM 65 for 1 hours shooting! Print 10 pcs of photo and return all software but no touch up!
Satisfied, so cheap cant high expectation! 
Will share out more for next post... 
Pregnancy Week 29 =) 
Giant size, round face and double chin  - oh my god.....!
 CNY Day 13 Lap Chuan dinner with family at Nak Won Korean Restaurant  
This was our 4-5 visit , tasty and yummy!   
Order one set beef and one set chicken enough for 4 of us! 

 full house
 Mickey Gold coin Chocolate
Souvenir from sweethut's fren from Hong Kong Disneyland!

 Cute one!
 Self make up and hair do... it's just simple but sweet  lol...

 All for our little girl! 
A gift from Hong Kong - Thanks sissy 
Mickey & Minnie from Hong Kong Disneyland ...
and a pair of cute little shoe.. but after a year only can wear woh!
 Day 13 of CNY they called is Lap Chuan.. i do not know what is the meaning
but they said the egg can stand! I saw everyone post on FB it really can stand, i told sweethut but he said unbelievable. Tried but cant... 
At night i try again!
Weird, unbelievable it's really can stand! 
yea  i tried and successful! But 12 eggs only 1 egg can stand!

Sweethut invited his friend have a gambling session
During Day 15 Chap Gor May we went back to old house have a dinner with relative again. 
Here to end CNY 2012 ! 
Happy Dragon Year!


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