Sunday, February 5, 2012

Water dragon year 2012 - Day 3

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Sunday, February 05, 2012
Day 3 of CNY we were went back to Ipoh.
We start our journey about 1pm, reach about 3pm+ traffic is smooth and no JAM. 
Follow traditional usually 'fan leong kar' is on Chor 2, but we do not follow. 
Family usually will going back to Cameron Highland during Chor 2 and return Chor 3, so we just went back Ipoh on Chor 3 ...:) my colleagues told me Chor 3 go back is no good?! but who care... go back and gather with family that is the best time! 
Once we arrived we went to Unique Seafood Restaurant to reserve a table for family dinner
We choose chinese new year's set menu for 10 pax

What a good dinner and happy day.
Really enjoyed!
3 bottles of red wine finished but i can't drink :(

Gift for family
Of course with red packet for dad and mom

1st dish Lou Sang again..
This year lou sang many time liao.. 'lou dao fung shan shui hei'!

Side dish - fresh oyster

Sweeties sis

Face red red.. after drink.. !

Enjoying the red wine
Enjoy the oyster
Pretty sis

Fatty girl.. carrying little baby girl in week 28
Lovely husband & wife -
Dad & Mom
Younger sis & her 
Bro & Sis

Happy Happy
Become photographer ...haha

That all for our dinner 
Really enjoyed. 
Husband and bro went home and continue drink...


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