Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Valentine's day & Happy Birthday to Sweethut

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 Valentine's Day in morning Sweethut came back early pick me up and we went to Mid Valley have our brunch at Yogitree
All they serve is organic food, this is our 1st time here
Food tasty and yummy
Roman Carbonara - For me
Wagyu Burger - num num - So delicious Delicious - For him, but share a small small portion with me :P


After brunch i went home and sweethut return to office awhile, around 3pm + we went out to Jusco have a leisure walk
At night we celebrated Sweethut's Birthday at Xenri Japanese Restaurant together with family

Full of love in the restaurant = )

 Heart shape ballons
 For him

 For me =)

Birthday boy..

Chubby cHai li

Lovely familly

When we at home, both of us snap a photo 1st =)

Husband hugging his lovely wife and the little one. =)
The best gift for him is the one in my tummy.
Our precious little one, awaiting her ..^^
Pregnancy week 31

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

♥Special for you ♥

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, February 22, 2012
14/2 Valentine's day = Sweethut's Birthday
Valentine's Day is sweet day, every couple also will celebrate their Valentine's day , some will have a candle light dinner, exchange gift and ... ...
Every girl also hope will receive surprise from partner 
For us Valentine's day usually we will have family dinner instead of couple dinner =)

For this year, i do not receive any surprise from sweethut but i have give him a surprise

But seem like he already knew i got a surprise for him, Monday night around 9am something he go to open the drawer like searching something. I ask him what you looking for? but he no respond, then when he want to open the drawer that where i kept the present i said why you open! 
Oh no, he saw it!

Look at his face is so happy when open the present that i bought to him. 
The packing already very nice, but i don't want to let him know what is that so i decided put in box and wrap it with newspaper! :P

Guess what is that?! 
Lol.. LV 
Sweethut so excited and  happy! 
He gave me a big HUG and kIssess...


Happy Birthday  & Valentine's day to my lovely husband! 
Wish you all the best!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week 31

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, February 18, 2012
This morning just went to check up (Pregnancy Week 31) ... still can't see her whole face, she like to hiding. Saw her leg kicking kicking and her finger suck in mouth. But can't take any photo as the position can't see here.
Anyway, as long as we knew she is growing healthy.
Me 2 weeks gain weight 2kg! Up to date my weight is
Baby weight is about 1.7kg, doctor said until due date baby size might be at 3.2kg, not too big and not too small. :)  
Another 2 months  to due, can't wait! 
But i feel so nervous...

This week will going back to Ipoh. 
Waiting sweethut come back, we will start our journey. 

Pregnancy Week 29 indoor studio shooting

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo taken at 4/2/2012 
Pregnancy Week 29 Indoor studio shooting 
What a best deal! I bought a voucher via My deal at RM 65 for 1 hours indoor shooting at cX Studio at Kuchi Lama.
Package included print 10 pcs of photo and return full copy burned in CD but without touch up
W/O touch up it's still look nice.. 
There have about 100+ copy of photo in softcopy, some photo is in same pose and some not so nice.
So lazy to upload 1 by 1...:D
Just pick nice  pose and use xiu xiu meitu software to edit, select few pose in 1 photo =)

I'm pretty like those photo,that's such a good memories for us! 
In future can show to our little girl... hehe

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pregnancy Week 30

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, February 16, 2012

 During last weekend 11/2/12 - Pregnancy week 30 
We went to shop for baby stuff
We did bought a 'My Princess Playpen' for her at Kuchi Lama BB store. Really nice one =) 
Suppose we wanted to buy baby cot, but saw advertisement said have a bebe fair at convention center at 24-26 feb, so we decided go there and have a look... 
Once we reach kuchi Lama, we went to Sweet hut plan to have a lunch but it's just dessert house..
We just order sweet dessert and some snacks food to eat.
Fresh Mango Milk with soft black jelly - for hime.. taste so so only
Coconut pudding Longan ice - for me
American chicken Sandwich - Taste ok only

Baked egg tart with chips
Egg tart really super mini size.. taste no good :D
After eat, we went to BB store and bought  playpen for little girl.. ! 

At night we went to port klang Kg Jawa to have our dinner together with family.
Have been long time didn't go there, one that day really crowded. 
BBQ Crab is look nice but actually is not fresh
BBQ spcicy prawn, so tasty but pricy. 
Price increase quite a lot compare last time. 
Just a simple and lazy weekend over... But coming Mon & Tues i will be on leave 13 & 14/2 =)
Nowadays seldom go out during weekend, i prefer stay at home. 
I really feel so tired and can't walk long distance.. my leg feel easy tired and pain. 
Walk like crab...T T

Day 13 of CNY - Lap Chuan

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, February 16, 2012

On that day 4/2/2012 we went to cX studio have indoor pregnancy photo shooting! 
I bought a voucher from My deal, it only RM 65 for 1 hours shooting! Print 10 pcs of photo and return all software but no touch up!
Satisfied, so cheap cant high expectation! 
Will share out more for next post... 
Pregnancy Week 29 =) 
Giant size, round face and double chin  - oh my god.....!
 CNY Day 13 Lap Chuan dinner with family at Nak Won Korean Restaurant  
This was our 4-5 visit , tasty and yummy!   
Order one set beef and one set chicken enough for 4 of us! 

 full house
 Mickey Gold coin Chocolate
Souvenir from sweethut's fren from Hong Kong Disneyland!

 Cute one!
 Self make up and hair do... it's just simple but sweet  lol...

 All for our little girl! 
A gift from Hong Kong - Thanks sissy 
Mickey & Minnie from Hong Kong Disneyland ...
and a pair of cute little shoe.. but after a year only can wear woh!
 Day 13 of CNY they called is Lap Chuan.. i do not know what is the meaning
but they said the egg can stand! I saw everyone post on FB it really can stand, i told sweethut but he said unbelievable. Tried but cant... 
At night i try again!
Weird, unbelievable it's really can stand! 
yea  i tried and successful! But 12 eggs only 1 egg can stand!

Sweethut invited his friend have a gambling session
During Day 15 Chap Gor May we went back to old house have a dinner with relative again. 
Here to end CNY 2012 ! 
Happy Dragon Year!

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