Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, February 22, 2012
14/2 Valentine's day = Sweethut's Birthday
Valentine's Day is sweet day, every couple also will celebrate their Valentine's day , some will have a candle light dinner, exchange gift and ... ...
Every girl also hope will receive surprise from partner 
For us Valentine's day usually we will have family dinner instead of couple dinner =)

For this year, i do not receive any surprise from sweethut but i have give him a surprise

But seem like he already knew i got a surprise for him, Monday night around 9am something he go to open the drawer like searching something. I ask him what you looking for? but he no respond, then when he want to open the drawer that where i kept the present i said why you open! 
Oh no, he saw it!

Look at his face is so happy when open the present that i bought to him. 
The packing already very nice, but i don't want to let him know what is that so i decided put in box and wrap it with newspaper! :P

Guess what is that?! 
Lol.. LV 
Sweethut so excited and  happy! 
He gave me a big HUG and kIssess...


Happy Birthday  & Valentine's day to my lovely husband! 
Wish you all the best!


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